FAQs About Legal Counsel

Q: Will you answer my questions clearly?

A: Since 1932, Ryan & Ryan Attorneys at Law has helped thousands of injured people and their families. We are here to answer frequently asked questions about:

The Choice Of A Lawyer

Q: What is the most reliable method of finding the best attorney for me and my family?

A: It may be a combination of referral from other clients, from local reputation and from a personal interview/consultation with the attorney (not a "runner" who solicits business by police reports!). Do not be "hustled" into retaining an attorney when you are still traumatized by your injury. Responsible and professional attorneys do not pressure or hurry your important decision.

Q: How about those "TV lawyers"?

A: Only one thing is certain about the "TV lawyers"; they are dedicated to advertising. Whether they are dedicated to a close, personal relationship with their clients, whether they provide the best communication and legal knowledge, familiarity with local courts, and whether they will be "with" you in your fight for your rights is not certain.

Q: Do nationally advertising disability firms provide the best representation?

A: In many cases national firms and lawyers who advertise will not provide the office conferences, personal appearances and effective representation that can be better provided by a local experienced attorney familiar with the administrative law judges in the local offices.

Our Law Practice

Q: Can I trust your law firm to fight for my rights?

A: At Ryan & Ryan, we believe in helping you, our clients, with solid and aggressive legal support and advice, while being compassionate and empathetic. We have decades of experience serving the people of Kalamazoo and Coldwater, Michigan.

Q: What will I pay for a consultation at Ryan & Ryan Attorneys at Law?

A: At our firm, consultations are free for personal injury, workers' compensation and Social Security Disability cases. We represent clients on a contingency basis, which means our fees are a percentage of the final proceeds of a case. Schedule a conversation with a lawyer at 888-SEE-RYAN (888-733-7926) or by email.