FAQs — Dangerous Premises Injuries

Q: If I am injured by a dangerous condition while shopping (i.e., slippery floor, obstruction in walkway, defective stairway in a store) is the store liable for my injury, including medical costs, pain and suffering and loss of income?

A: A store owner has a heightened duty to maintain its premises for the safety of its customers and to remedy any dangerous conditions. However, the Michigan Supreme Court has developed the "open and obvious danger" doctrine that defends commercial store owners. This doctrine, which has some special exceptions, holds that if the dangerous condition in a commercial setting can be seen by a reasonable person, the store does not owe a duty to that customer and may not be liable for the injuries caused by the dangerous condition.

As ridiculous as that sounds, the law in Michigan has drastically limited claims against commercial property and shopkeepers. Ryan & Ryan Attorneys at Law works hard to overcome such obstacles whenever possible. There are exceptions to the "open and obvious" doctrine and it is important to develop a case against the shopkeeper showing active negligence.

Experienced legal counsel is necessary to pursue commercial premises liability claims, especially since Michigan appellate courts have attempted to severely limit these types of claims.

Q: Is a landlord responsible for injuries to tenants caused by poorly maintained stairs and walkways?

A: Michigan law imposes a special duty on landlords to provide safe premises for tenants. Tenants and visitors are entitled to damages when they are injured because the landlord has breached that duty.

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Q: How can I get help after suffering an injury on dangerous premises?

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