When Hurt In A Car Accident, You Need A Dependable Legal Advocate

Motor vehicles fill Michigan's roads as people commute to work, run errands and travel. But any of these people can get injured in a car accident, leading to a catastrophic injury or even death. When you find yourself injured due to the negligence of a drunk, inexperienced, distracted and uninsured driver, you need a dependable legal ally.

Ryan & Ryan Attorneys at Law of Kalamazoo has roots in southwest Michigan for more than eight decades. Led by attorney William J. Ryan, the firm has represented hundreds of clients in personal injury cases stemming from car accidents. Our team is reliable, detail-oriented and client-focused. We represent you to the best of our abilities.

Also Representing Truck, Motorcycle Accident Victims

A car accident can happen in many ways. A fatigued driver may drift into the opposite lane and cause a serious accident. An inexperienced driver can make an abrupt mistake that leads to tragedy, and an inattentive driver may strike another vehicle.

In each of these cases, negligence is at the root. Mr. Ryan will work with investigators to reconstruct the accident, seek eyewitnesses, and provide a thorough investigation that includes obtaining police and medical reports. He will take on the insurance companies to secure the fair compensation that you deserve. And as an experienced litigator, Mr. Ryan is willing to take your case to trial.

Along with representing car accident victims, Mr. Ryan has worked with clients injured in truck and motorcycle accidents, bus and train accidents, and bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

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If injured in a car crash, you need an experienced attorney. Ryan & Ryan Attorneys at Law of Kalamazoo, Michigan, is determined to answer your questions and assist you. Mr. Ryan will explain the legal process, what to expect and the potential outcomes. Obtaining a fair settlement is ideal. If that's not possible, the firm is willing to go to trial. If we do not win the case, you won't pay any attorney fees. Mr. Ryan provides free initial consultations, so contact a lawyer at 888-SEE-RYAN (888-733-7926).