You Need Experience, Compassion When Pursuing A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The tragic and unexpected loss of a loved one can linger for years to come. How could he or she die in a terrible accident? How is it even possible when you just spoke the day before? The shock may never go away, while the pain and anger remain, too, especially if the death was due to the negligence of another party. Legal action can bring justice and financial relief. After a deadly car accident, turn to an experienced, compassionate and understanding law firm for help filing a wrongful death claim.

Ryan & Ryan Attorneys at Law of Kalamazoo, Michigan, has the knowledge, patience and assertiveness to represent you and your family. Led by attorney William J. Ryan, the team is attentive to your needs, while determined to secure the settlement that you and your family deserve. The law firm has been part of the community for more than eight decades.

An Established Attorney Who Has Represented Hundreds Of Clients

Mr. Ryan is sensitive to families that need to mourn the loss of loved ones. At the same time, he and his team will promptly get to work, hiring investigators and taking the required legal steps to win your case.

As an experienced litigator, Mr. Ryan has represented hundreds of clients in cases related to:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including truck, car and motorcycle crashes
  • Workplace incidents such as slip-and-fall accidents, explosions and assaults
  • Medical malpractice involving mistakes from health care workers
  • Defective consumer products that may have led to a person's death

When it can be shown that the deceased suffered before dying, it's possible to file a personal injury claim on behalf of the estate in addition to a wrongful death claim for survivors. Mr. Ryan will provide you with one-on-one attention and thoroughly pursue every significant legal factor, including loss of companionship and economic support as well as recovery of medical costs.

Decades Of Experience Helping People Affected By Fatal Car Accidents

A wrongful death can happen due to drunk and distracted drivers, companies that ignore safety, and health care workers not properly trained. Your loved one's death was preventable. Ryan & Ryan Attorneys at Law of Kalamazoo is here to answer your questions. The firm has been a part of the southwest Michigan region since 1932. The firm's team is detail-oriented, compassionate and aggressive. If Mr. Ryan does not win your case, you and your family will not pay attorney fees. For a free initial consultation, contact a lawyer at 888-SEE-RYAN (888-733-7926).