Areas Of Practice

Ryan & Ryan Law specializes in four areas of personal injury and disability. Since our founding, Ryan & Ryan has never represented an insurance company or business—only people needing relief for injury.
You pay nothing for legal services unless you win your case.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death negligence law in Michigan develops rapidly, it seems every week the appellate courts change the requirements for injured persons and their families to successfully sue for claims. Basic negligence law holds that a duty of reasonable care is owed by one person to another. If such duty is violated by another’s negligent actions (or failure to act) damages are assessed against negligent person and his/her insurance company. Damages can include loss of earnings, earning capacity and medical bills. Damages can also be awarded for “pain and suffering” “anguish” and “loss of companionship”. Personal Injury and Wrongful Death claims must be carefully evaluated and prepared so victims and families are fairly and justly compensated for their loss. Ryan & Ryan has secured substantial money judgments and settlements for its clients. Ryan & Ryan offers free consultations by phone or office conferences. There are no legal fees unless there is a recovery of money damages from trial or settlement. Do not hesitate to call if you have questions or claims that need to be pursued.

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Workers Compensation

Michigan law provides wage loss benefits, medical coverage  and vocational rehabilitation to injured workers and their families. The workers’ compensation laws are based on a “no fault” system whereby benefits are paid by the employer and the insurance company regardless of whether or not the employer was at fault for the injuries. As long as the injury occurs “arising out of” the employment, benefits are due. However, employers and the insurance companies often dispute these claims. Many disputed cases are “settled” by a “redemption of liability” which releases the employer of all past, present, and future liability. Such settlements may have significant effects on the workers’ rights to employment and/or disability benefits available through the Federal government or private insurance contracts. Ryan & Ryan has specialized in worker’s compensation cases since 1932 and has earned a well-deserved reputation for experience, legal skills and knowledge in effective advocacy for the injured workers throughout Southwest Michigan. Having represented labor unions in a variety of industries has given Ryan & Ryan credibility and trust with working men and women and their families.

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Social Security Disability

People who become unable to work in “substantial gainful employment” and have paid into the Social Security are entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits which include monthly payments and Medicare coverage. People who have not paid into Social Security and become disabled may still be entitled to monthly benefits under a program called Supplemental Security Income or SSI. You are entitled to a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge in an appeal of an initial denial. Ryan & Ryan has handled hundreds of claims leading up to and during a hearing. Attorney fees are “contingent” upon recovery and controlled by Social Security regulations. You pay nothing for this legal service unless you are awarded benefits. Call now for a free consultation to discuss your disability questions.  

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